How To Exit Your Timeshare

July 30, 2020

We want to give you an idea of what the typical timeshare exit process should look like! Every case will be different but to better prepare yourself, we have outlined what you can do before looking at timeshare exit options. If using a timeshare exit company is the right move for you, we have compiled steps that we commonly see throughout different exit companies. 

What you can do before exploring different timeshare exit options:

  1. Compile all of your documents/paperwork including but not limited to:
    • Your current membership agreement (deed/contract)
    • Insurance information
    • Due date and amount associated with your maintenance fees and information regarding your last payment
    • Potentially owed real estate taxes for your timeshare
    • Rules and regulations of the resort/owner
  2. Talk to your timeshare company
    • They can give you a better idea of the extent of your ownership and could offer you simple options with no need of a third party
    • Although it may be daunting, they may be more compensating than you expect
    • If not, explore possible exit companies

Common steps with timeshare exit companies:

  1. Enter and Submit Information
    • Connect with the company of your choice so they can give you a heads up in what kind of information they will need from you
  2. Connect with an Advisor
    • You will usually be connected with an advisor as part of your exit team to discuss your case
  3. Review Process
    • An advisor will often need some time to go over each case to fully understand it and prepare an estimate
  4. Reconnection for discussion
    • Advisor will discuss an exit plan for the client and will provide you with an estimate
  5. Formulate Service Agreements
  6. Relief Process
  7. Testimonial
    1. After your exit process is over and your exit company has relieved you of your burden, there are review sites such as The Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and Google reviews on which you should relay your experience

To know which exit company will be the best for you, we have provided extensive reviews of varying exit companies for you to choose from!

The goal of Timeshare Exit Reviews is to help anyone get out of their timeshare contracts, legally and efficiently. We review as many timeshare exit companies as we can to provide the consumer with clear information and resources. If you would rather talk to a human being just to see if you qualify to work with one of the companies we review please call the number below:


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