How to Exit Your Diamond Timeshare

September 15, 2020

Diamond Resorts International is a timeshare developer with its headquarters located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has other offices located in Florida and the United Kingdom. It has 379 vacation destinations in 35 different countries where it sells their ownership points to customers.  Like many other timeshare companies, they require numerous fees and obligations, which may not be sustainable to pay for some of its owners. There are various reasons that owners may need to seek out options to relieve their timeshare burden. For this reason, we are here to tell you how to safely resell or exit your Diamond Timeshare at a minimal cost to you if those are your best options. 

The first thing that every timeshare owner of a Diamond Timeshare should do is contact the company directly so you can speak with a representative to see which options you would qualify for. Diamond’s Transitions program offers to help relinquish all or part of one’s ownership in their timeshare but only if they meet certain guidelines. Similar to other timeshare developers, it is not in the best interest of the company for you to exit your timeshare agreement. Diamond’s website has a list of requirements to consider if you’re unhappy with your current timeshare agreement and would like the help relinquishing ownership, including:

  • You must have no existing balance on your loan
  • You must be current on maintenance fees
  • Must have clear/free title to timeshare ownership
  • Future reservations must already be cancelled or traveled prior to request
  • Must have purchased ownership directly through Diamond Resorts
    • Many existing timeshare owners acquired their timeshares through other methods, so in this case a third party would be necessary to help you exit your timeshare agreement

Although Diamond Resorts provides this list under exit options, there is no guarantee that they will be of any help. This is because it is not in the best interest of the company for you to sell or rid of your timeshare in any way. As a result, the initial options that they will provide you with will largely consist of a points program (another way to get more money from you). Transferring your past points into vacation or other credit comes with additional fees that will often only prolong the exit option for which you hope. Timeshare developers will occasionally work with you to meet your timeshare exit hopes, but much of the time, it will involve you jumping through hoops including fees and other diversion tactics.

For this reason, we highly suggest looking to third party resources such as timeshare exit companies. We have provided you with numerous reputable companies to choose from, many of which provide you with a free consultation. Many of these companies have worked with owners of Diamond timeshares, and have an extensive list of clientele who have provided testimonials. We highly suggest referring to our reviews and ratings of each timeshare exit company before contacting a potential fit!

The goal of Timeshare Exit Reviews is to help anyone get out of their timeshare contracts, legally and efficiently. We review as many timeshare exit companies as we can to provide the consumer with clear information and resources. If you would rather talk to a human being just to see if you qualify to work with one of the companies we review please call the number below:


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