How To Exit Your Wyndham Timeshare

September 15, 2020

Wyndham is the world’s largest timeshare company with almost a million owners worldwide. Like many other timeshare companies, they require numerous fees and obligations, which may not be sustainable to pay for some of its owners. For this reason, we are here to tell you how to safely exit your Wyndham Timeshare at a minimal cost to you if that is your best option. 

The first thing that every timeshare owner of Wyndham Resorts should do is contact the company directly so you can speak with a representative to see which options you would qualify for. They will offer you a series of options including:

  • Deposit
    • They will deposit a portion or all of the points you’ve received over the current year into future years
    • Minimum of a $39 fee
  • Convert
    • You can turn current points into travel and leisure opportunities
    • Will turn Club Wyndham into Wyndham Rewards Points (conversion rate of 1,000 to 400)
    • $99 nonrefundable fee
  • Extra Holidays
    • Vacation rental program where you can exchange renting out your current timeshare for cash 

Although Wyndham Clubs provide this list under exit options, none truly place you with one. This is because it is not in the best interest of the company for you to sell or rid of your timeshare in any way. Resulting, the initial options that they will provide you with will largely consist of a points program (another way to get more money from you). Transferring your past points into vacation or other credit comes with additional fees that will often only prolong the exit option for which you hope. Timeshare developers will occasionally work with you to meet your timeshare exit hopes, but much of the time, it will involve you jumping through hoops including fees and other diversion tactics. In 2015, Wyndham Resorts introduced their Ovation Program with the guise of giving current owners an exit option. Upon extensive research of testimonials from Wyndham timeshare owners, reviews of this program portrayed a lack of follow-through from the company and additional fees for the owners. Most mentioned that their exit was only possible through third parties, our area of specialty. Wyndham has since revoked its Ovation policy but does not currently have a simple process for its current timeshare owners to exit.

For this reason, we highly suggest looking to third party resources such as timeshare exit companies. We have provided you with numerous reputable companies to choose from, many of which provide you with a free consultation. Many of these companies have worked with owners of Wyndham timeshares, and have an extensive list of clientele who have provided testimonials. We highly suggest referring to our reviews and ratings of each timeshare exit company before contacting a potential fit!

The goal of Timeshare Exit Reviews is to help anyone get out of their timeshare contracts, legally and efficiently. We review as many timeshare exit companies as we can to provide the consumer with clear information and resources. If you would rather talk to a human being just to see if you qualify to work with one of the companies we review please call the number below:


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