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Lonestar Transfer

Our Rating
BBB Rating A+
BBB Accredited No
Trustpilot Reviews 23
Years in Business 2013
Escrow or Money Back Guarantee Money Back Guarantee

Reviews from Clients

Lonestar Transfer has received very positive feedback from past clients. They have excellent reviews from both The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot. Although they have not been accredited by BBB, they have a rating of A+ and 435 customer reviews averaging just below 5 stars. They have 15 reviews from Trustpilot, averaging for a total of 4.5 stars. Clients mentioned that they were extremely professional and were proactive in keeping touch throughout the exit process. Here are some examples of reviews from past clients:

“They were very professional and explained everything in detail. I would recommend them” – Danny A.

“A very professional firm. They tell you everything step by step and keep in touch with you during the process” – Joan L.

“Contacted Lonestar to get out of our timeshare. They were great – professional and had us out in six months” – Susan T. 

Despite their many positive reviews, we must wonder why they have not yet been accredited by BBB. However, they have a high volume of positive reviews on BBB meaning they could still be a great option for timeshare exit. Lonestar Transfer has had many positive reviews since COVID-19 and we can speculate they have continued operations throughout the outbreak. 


Lonestar Transfer specializes in timeshare cancellation. They are located in Rockwall, Texas, and Murrieta, California, and have been in this business since 2012. They specialize in timeshare transfer, meaning they help legally transfer a current timeshare out a client’s name. This will remove all liability for a timeshare from a client’s name. If you do not qualify for a timeshare transfer and have a mortgage in your name, they also offer a timeshare mortgage cancellation service. If you have interest in getting out of your current timeshare, they offer a free consultation. They claim to have helped over 11,000 clients get out of their current timeshare agreements. To get a better sense of what they do exactly and what you can do to prepare before a consultation is partially described in an FAQ on their website (see link below). If you are unsure whether you want to talk to a representative before you have made a decision, they have the option of initiating a live chat to answer any questions you may have. They have not provided an in depth process of how exactly they will help you exit your timeshare but we estimate that it can take anywhere from 6 to 24 months. Their fees will vary depending on each individual case but they offer a 100% money back guarantee if they are unable to help you exit you current timeshare. 


Lonestar Transfer is a great option for you to consider when looking for a way to exit your current timeshare agreement. They are neither yet accredited by BBB nor do they have a clear process of the steps they will take to help you, giving us some reservations. However, they have numerous excellent testimonials in their favor. Additionally, they have a money back guarantee in case they are ultimately unable to help you exit your current timeshare agreement. With this all in mind, we can recommend Lonestar Transfer as a great option. Before making any final decisions, you should take advantage of their free consultation.

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