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Resort Advisory Group

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BBB Rating A
BBB Accredited No
Trustpilot Reviews 6
Years in Business 2012
Escrow or Money Back Guarantee Escrow

Reviews from Clients

From Trustpilot, Resort Advisory Group has received 6 reviews, with them all being rated either great or excellent from past clients. The reviews from customers touch on the generosity and attention from their group. Many of the clients describe the process from start to finish taking about a year until their timeshare exit liability has been lifted. 

“Resort Advisory and Law Group were helpful and kept me informed” – Douglas F.

“I am so blown away by their generosity!” – Tobiah S.

“They were great at communicating where we were in the process that took approximately a year from start to finish” – Nancy G.

With positive feedback for Resort Advisory Group, clients have expressed their gratitude in their exiting from timeshare agreements. While the feedback is largely positive, the only downside is that their services have not prompted many reviews from Trustpilot. Despite this, we would still consider overall feedback to be a positive reflection of the company. 

Company Overview

The Resort Advisory Group was established in 2011 with the objective of providing clients with simpler means of exiting their timeshare obligations. They are currently located in Mission Viejo, California. They have a comprehensive website providing numerous client testimonials along with an extensive FAQ to give prospective clients an idea of what it is they do. In this field, they are one of the industry leaders, and for good reason. Their expert team is made up of advisors and legal experts with the experience to get their clients out of their timeshare arrangements. Before going through their process, to see whether they’re a good fit for you, they provide a free consultation without any obligation to follow-up if a client doesn’t see them as a good match. If interested in knowing the entire process in which they specialize, they have also provided a page on their website outlining the typical steps for you to get out of your current timeshare agreement (website attached below). These are the general steps of the process:

Enter and Submit Information

Give the group of experts contact information so they can provide you with resources giving clients an idea of what they will need from you.

  1. Enter and Submit Information – Give the group of experts contact information so they can provide you with resources giving clients an idea of what they will need from you.
  2. Connect with an Advisor – An advisor will provide a prospective client with a free consultation.
  3. Review Process – An advisor will need some time to go over each case to fully understand it and prepare.
  4. Reconnection for discussion – Advisor will discuss an exit plan for the client.
  5. Formulate Service Agreements
  6. Relief Process
  7. Testimonial request – After the exiting process has been relieved, Resort Advisory Group would like to hear feedback from clients to know how their experience was and whether there could have been any improvements.

Fees are typically assessed for each individual case so the prices will vary depending on each. For this reason, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact value for generalization. With positive testimonials from their website, we can expect price points for the entire process to be reasonable for customers. Along with their free consultation, they have an escrow option with no up-front fees. 


Resort Advisory Group are a great option for getting out of your timeshare agreement. They have positive feedback from the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and their own testimonials found on their website. If you think they are the right fit for you, potential clients should take advantage of their free consultation to connect with a representative. Because fees vary for each case, an advisor will give you a better idea of what price point you can expect for your case. We highly recommend this as a potential option for exiting your timeshare.

Resort Advisory Group Process

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