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Resort Release

Our Rating
BBB Rating F
BBB Accredited No
Trustpilot Reviews 0
Years in Business 2012
Escrow or Money Back Guarantee N/A

Reviews from Clients

Clients of Resort Released have largely claimed that the company is a complete scam and in no way have helped them exit their current timeshares. On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they have an F rating and are non accredited. Their accreditation was revoked. They have been reviewed on BBB 177 times for an average of just over 4 stars. We are extremely apprehensive to trust this site because of how many positive reviews they have received compared to such a high volume of complaints. This would lead us not to trust those positive reviews. BBB has received over 70 complaints over the last three years about Resort Release. On their website, they stated, “BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints regarding consumers alleging that they paid Resort Release to exit their timeshare contracts but the services were not completed. On 8/7/19 and 8/19/19, BBB submitted a written request to the company encouraging them to address the pattern of complaints. As of 8/30/19, BBB has had no response.” They have additionally not received any reviews from Trustpilot, a reputable site rating businesses. Some testimonials from past clients from BBB and other sources are as follows:

“I paid $4600 to resort release in August 2018 to get out of my timeshare but I have not heard from anybody from them or their representatives in months, I see they claimed chapter 11 bankruptcy but that’s about it” – Anonymous

“I contacted them, and they requested official documents which I submitted and also a large sum of money. Their master agreement promised an absolute guarantee of ownership termination within 180 business days or money back. However, months later they called to inform me they were filing bankruptcy and I was sent a form that I filled out and sent in” – Anonymous

“Looks like we’ve been scammed???? Need some answers now!! No working phone #’s……HELP” – Carolyn V.

The company filed for bankruptcy in April of 2019, much of the reason for clients’ dissatisfaction. 


Resort Release is a timeshare exit company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company has been around since 2012. The company filed for bankruptcy in April of 2019. After extensive research, we have noticed a very inconsistent process and a large range of fees that past clients have had to pay. Especially after their bankruptcy, hundreds of customers have claimed to have paid thousands of dollars at their request to not receive any service or communication other than requests for more money. Their website domain (see link below) provides no information that would be of use to a potential client. We believe they are currently asking clients to continue to pay them even though they will be of no help to exit a timeshare agreement. 


We do not recommend using Resort Release to help you exit your current timeshare obligations. There is evidence to support that they will try to scam you out of your money and will not deliver on their promises. We have plenty of other great options for you to consider on our review site.

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