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Seaside Consultants Group

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BBB Rating A+
BBB Accredited No
Trustpilot Reviews 0
Years in Business 2014
Escrow or Money Back Guarantee N/A

Reviews from Clients

Seaside Consultants Group has a total of 15 reviews on The Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a five star rating. They are one of the timeshare exit companies accredited by BBB. From Google reviews, it has a score of 4.5 stars from 14 reviews. There have been no reviews for this company on Trustpilot. Feedback from past clients’ reviews have largely been positive. Our only hesitation is that there is not a large number of reviews to reference. A possible explanation for this is that they may work with referrals from past customers and have other mechanisms to attract clients than the internet. Some examples of reviews are as follows:

“Seaside Consultants were very helpful with my quest to get rid of this problem with Wyndham properties” – Alice C.

“Seaside Consultants were great to work with” – DeeD F.

“I am forever grateful for such “free” customer service by Kristine at Seaside” – Any J.

Many of the past clients touched on the excellent customer service from Seaside Consultants. We do not know the extent to which they have been operating during COVID-19 because there have not been many reviews since the outbreak. One client mentioned that the process has seemed to slow with the outbreak but that can apply to many of the timeshare exit companies at this time. 


Seaside Consultants Group is a timeshare exit company located in Encinitas, California and has been operating since 2014. While relieving you from your burden, they mention the importance of managing your credit throughout the process for protection. They have mechanisms in place to protect your credit. They have knowledge of different state laws and will provide legal help no matter where you and your timeshare are located nationally. They have provided a complete list of state laws on their website for you to reference if a prospective client has interest before contacting them (see link below). Additionally, they have put an FAQ page together to answer some questions that you may have before contacting them to save you some time when talking to a specialist (see link below). After reviewing these and you contact a specialist, they believe that your process should resemble this as follows:

  1. Build a Case File
  2. Team Member Schedules a Free Consultation – You will discuss your options and determine fees which will vary depending on each individual case
  3. Case Manager Sends Over a Service Agreement – There will be no pressure to accept an offer
  4. Team Members Work on Timeshare Relief – Typically takes 12 to 18 months but has taken as long as 24 months
  5. Timeshare Resolution – There will be proof of documentation when you have been relieved from your timeshare agreement

As mentioned above, it is difficult to know a specific fee as every case is different but to know what kind of money you could be saving, Seaside Consultants Group has set up a calculator on their website to show you how much money you can save in the long run by getting out of your current timeshare agreement (see link below). 


We believe Seaside Consultants Group would be a good option for someone looking to get out of their current timeshare agreement. They are well-rated and accredited by BBB with additional positive reviews from Google. They offer a free consultation so you have the option of speaking with them if you think they may be a good fit. Some reservations come with having very few reviews to work with. Trustpilot is a very reliable site for references and they have not been reviewed on that website. Despite this, we think Seaside Consultants Group is an excellent option to consider. Additionally, there is no mention of neither escrow nor a money back guarantee if you’re unable to get out of your current timeshare.

Seaside Consultants Group State Laws List

Seaside Consultants Group FAQ

Seaside Consultants Group Calculator

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