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BBB Rating A+
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Trustpilot Reviews 253
Years in Business 2012
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Reviews from Clients

From Trustpilot, alone, Timeshare Compliance has received over 239 reviews from individuals looking to exit their timeshares. A vast majority of these reviews have been positive, pointing out the company’s commitment to finding clients the easiest, and cheapest ways to exit a timeshare. 

“Timeshare Compliance delivers on their commitment” – Ray G.

“You can Trust these people. They know what they are doing” – Francis H. 

“We are forever grateful to Timeshare Compliance in getting us out of this predicament” – Derrick B.

Hundreds of happy customers mentioned the company’s ability to release them from their financial burden. Their loan financing program and option of no up-front fee escrow greatly satisfied clients. 

Company Overview

Timeshare Compliance is a company specializing in exiting timeshares. Located in Aliso Viejo, California, Timeshare Compliance has been helping clients since 2012. The company focuses on ways in which it can help you investigate each unique case to gain a full understanding of how its services can be the most effective. Its dedicated employees look to prepare its clients for whichever process will be the most appropriate for any individual case. Expert teams made up of a client specialist, a case analyst, coordinator, and case representative will advocate for you and have clients’ best interest when engaging in potential negotiation. The end goal for the company will always be to resolve any possible difficulty and remove any contractual timeshare liabilities. According to its website, these three pillars are essential to describing Timeshare Compliance’s process for clients (link at bottom of review):


“Our client specialist will ask you questions about your timeshare contract, preparing a file for the case analyst to review and evaluate. Your case analyst will then contact you with options for the resolution of your timeshare contract.”


“Your case analyst will send you a service agreement that officially kicks off the resolution process – allowing our team of legal experts to begin to build your case strategy.

Should you opt-in for credit restoration and monitoring, your coordinator will contact you to walk you through the process.

Once your signed contract and processing fees are collected, you will receive a call from the Timeshare Compliance welcome department – formally welcoming you and outlining any further documentation required to proceed with your case.

Your completed case file and documentation will be given to your case representative, who will initiate an internal review outlining the merits of your case. Once the internal review is complete, your case will be sent to your attorney.”


“Finally, once your case is resolved, you will receive a letter that officially relieves you of all further liability regarding your timeshare contract.”

Costs and fees vary on a case to case basis. No matter your situation, Timeshare Compliance is happy to discuss any way their teams and experts can help you finance a resolution if needed. The quickest route to determine whether you qualify would be to go to the “Do I Qualify?” section of the company website to answer a series of questions to give experts a better idea of your situation (link at bottom). Additionally, if you’re wondering what your timeshare is actually costing you, there is a calculation tab to tell you (link at bottom).


This company is an extremely reputable, reliable resource with plenty of testimonials from past satisfied clients. Customers have noted excellent customer service along with there being zero up-front fees. Not only does the company value its clients, but it also has a successful background to go along with it. We can highly recommend this website as being a good choice if you have an interest in exiting a timeshare agreement. 

Timeshare Compliance “How We Work”

Timeshare Compliance “Do I Qualify?”

Timeshare Compliance “REAL Costs”

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