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Wesley Financial Group, LLC

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BBB Rating A+
BBB Accredited No
Trustpilot Reviews 320
Years in Business 2012
Escrow or Money Back Guarantee Escrow

Reviews from Clients

Wesley Financial Group has excellent reviews from Trustpilot and on The Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, their accreditation has been revoked from BBB since November 20, 2019, “due to engaging in activities reflecting poorly on the BBB or its members.” We can assume that there were some negative business practices that led to the revoking of its accreditation. Their reviews on BBB are still overwhelmingly positive. Some of their reviews are as follows: 

“Service was really straightforward and clear” – Jose P.

“Wesley Financial did what they said they would do to eliminate our timeshare ownership” – Karen C.

“If you are having issues with a timeshare, I highly recommend using Wesley! Sabrina W. was amazing and made the process so easy!!” – Angie C. 

We noticed that many of the reviews commended specific team members of Wesley Financial, showing their service was personal, creating a positive advisor-client relationship. Despite no longer being accredited by BBB, the recent reviews have stayed positive for the majority, even throughout COVID-19. If you have interest in hearing testimonials from past clients, Wesley Financial Group has provided videos from customers on their website (in link below). 


Wesley Financial Group specializes in getting people out of their timeshare agreements and have been doing so since 2012. They mention having a contractual obligation to get clients out of their current timeshare agreements and have a 100% guarantee. If they are not successful, they offer a money back guarantee to their clients. They mention that they are so confident that they will get you out of your current timeshare that they will put in a binding contract on their end. The company was started by Chuck McDowell and is located in Franklin, Tennessee. They have offices in both Nashville and Las Vegas. They have a large team compiled of specialists in various fields. Their website provides a list of all of their employees (link to website below). Their teams hope to minimize effort on your part and have listed a typical process as follows:

  1. Free Consultation
  2. Review of Account – They will assign you with a qualification specialist to build your file
  3. Account Resolution – They will work toward timeshare cancellation and intend to keep you updated with your personal contact throughout the resolution process
  4. Successful Cancellation

To give you an idea of how much your timeshare will cost you over the years, Wesley Financial Group has set up an online calculator taking a 4% maintenance fee into account (see link to calculator below). They believe that clients will ultimately save money when they exit their timeshares. Each case will be different, so there is not a set price for what the fee will be to enter your current timeshare. 


We believe Wesley Financial Group is a great option if you are looking to exit a timeshare agreement. They have excellent reviews and testimonials. They have been commended for their timeliness and customer service. We have reservations about their revoking of accreditation by BBB, so if you do choose this option, we think that you should proceed with caution. The added risk factor would have us advise you to consider other options in your search but that does not mean Wesley Financial would not be a good fit for you. 

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